All I want for Christmas is...

2 December 2016

Every year there's so much I want for Christmas! Not necessarily because I'm greedy or spoiled (maybe I am a little..) but I spend most of the year lusting after one thing or another. So, when Christmas comes around it's pretty easy for me to reel off a list of things I've wanted or want but haven't had the money to actually buy!

Anastasia Moon Glow Palette £31 - This palette is so dreamy! Anastasia is quite hard to get hold of over here in the UK so it's definitely one for the Christmas list!

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick £26 - Am I the only person in the world who DOESN'T own a YSL lipstick? Because I feel like I am. And I don't want to be left out of this one! 

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas £9 - I'm a big fan of Tim Burton's work so when I saw this new book I knew I had to have it!

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush £24 - I've been lusting after this for so long, everytime I go past a Too Faced counter I pick it up! It's just so pretty!

Kylie Lipkits £22 - I'm deep into the Kylie Lipkit hype and she's constantly releasing new colours so there's always going to be one I'm wanting!

Madonna Confessions Book £28 - I can't even tell you how long I've wanted this! It's been on my Amazon wish list for what feels like forever! I decided this was the year to get it off my personal wish list and add it to my Christmas list!

Urban Decay Naked 2 £38.50 - I am so behind the times with all these beauty trends as I also don't have an Urban Decay palette (who am I?). I always say I don't need one as I don't wear eyeshadow but maybe that's because I barely own any! My goal for 2017 is to master eyeshadow!

Harry Potter Vinyl £20 - I own so many Harry Potter POP Vinyls. I actually have 3 different Harrys, a Dumbledore, and a Draco. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE HARRY IS WITH HIS LIL TRAIN!!!! 

LUSH Snow Fairy £8 - I LOVE snow fairy, I mean everyone does because it smells incredible, but I've never actually owned a bottle. I usually sneakily use my sister's... which is actually impossible because the smell is so strong it's so obvious when it's been used! 

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