What Did I get for Christmas?

31 December 2016

Although Christmas isn't as magical as it once was, we still start the day the same as when I believed in Santa Claus. As soon as we're all awake we rush downstairs to open our presents. It's not quite as exciting as it was when I thought an overweight old man in a red suit broke into our house and delivered them but it's still better than any other day!

I've been well and truly spoiled this year. And I don't know about you but I LOVE seeing what others got for Christmas.. mainly because I'm the nosiest person on the planet. So if you're anything like me you'll love these posts too!

Most of what I got was on my list (yes, I still write a list for my Mom). By the time Christmas had come around I'd actually forgotten what I asked for so I was still super surprised when I opened them! I asked my mom several times how she knew I wanted things and she replied "it was on your list..."

Now, onto the good stuff...

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Harry Potter, Tim Burton, and Madonna. So it's only natural for some of my gifts to revolve around them! I've been wanting the Guy Oseary photobooks of Madonna for YEARS now, but they've always been one of those things that have slipped through the radar. Thankfully, this year my sister bought me Madonna Confessions and it's amazing! 

I also got the newest Harry Potter 'Vault' book to complete my collection. I LOVE these books! They're so beautiful and full of facts about the films. This is The Artifact Vault but the others are: The Creatures Vault, The Characters Vault, and Magical Places from the Films. They're all incredible and must haves for any fan! And of course, no Potter fan is complete without a few Pop Vinyls.. I'm in love with Bella & Volds (Bellamort, if you will). 

Monopoly.. it's my favourite board game! Nobody in my house ever wants to play though because 'it takes too long'. This year, however, I was lucky enough to get The Nightmare Before Christmas edition. I haven't played it yet but I'm SO excited. We already have the Disney edition and I wasn't sure anything could top it but this is up there! 

The Cath Kidston x Disney range is amazing, and my mom got me this super cute make up bag from the range. It's so pretty and such good quality, my only disappointment is that there are only two characters. Tigger, where you at? She also got me 4 Kylie Lipkits: Posie K, Koko K, Maliboo, and Kymajesty. I am actually in love with Maliboo, it's the perfect nude shade and I'd 1000% recommend it to anybody. 

The Anastasia Moon Child Glow palette.. there are no words for this! It's incredible. And this Too Faced blush in Sparkling Bellini, I've been eyeing this for the longest time as it's such a pretty colour. The MAC Magic Dust Powder in Yum Yum Yum was a present to me from me (sort of). I bought it from Duty Free with some of the money I was given, I'd been trying to get it in store for the longest time but it was sold out everywhere. And then I find it in Gatwick Airport!

No Christmas would be complete without smellies. Unfortunately we only have a shower so I don't get any Lush bath bombs *cries*. BUT I did get a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel and Snow Fairy Body Conditioner - which looks absolutely incredible. 

I actually bought the pink Vans in the sale before Christmas, and then asked my mom to put them up for me for Christmas. I don't usually do that but they were in the sale and I couldn't afford them at the time, but they were too good to let go! Also, the perks of having a sister who works at Starbucks.. discounted merch! I honestly think my cup is my favourite present.

I've been after a new purse for a while but haven't been able to find the right one. This Kate Spade one was actually from TK Maxx so it's all the goodness at the fraction of the price! I asked for these Ted Baker ear muffs for my trip to Iceland, and let me tell you; they did the trick! My ears were so toasty!

Is it even Christmas if you don't get a selection of different chocolates? I mean, chocolate is my bae and part of my daily diet anyway. So, anyone who knows me knows that they can't go wrong with chocolate!

I've been totally spoiled this year and I'm so lucky to have received so many amazing presents!
What were your favourite presents this year?


  1. So many lovely gifts! I have the Cath Kidston makeup bag too, it's so cute! I LOVE the sparkly Starbucks cup too!


  2. You received such lovely gifts, so pleased you finally got your Kylie bits! I hope you had a wonderful time in Iceland - Your Instagrams looked fab. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  3. I think my wish list just grew a few items ^_^ You received some lovely gifts. Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best for the new year x

    Sophie's Spot

  4. What a lovely range of gifts, I adore them all. Especially the POP Vinyls! Mat Hatter is super cute!

    Gemma | www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  5. Wow you got some amazing gifts! Especially all that makeup! Jealous of all those Kylie lips! That Kate Spade purse is beaut too xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com


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