The Blue Lagoon

4 January 2017

Before visiting Iceland's Blue Lagoon I'd done my research and was ready to go. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa around an hours drive outside of Iceland's capital city; Reykjavik. As I'd done my research I knew to take my own towel so I didn't get a big bill to use one of theirs, I knew I had to shower before entering the pool, and I knew about the freezing run between door and lagoon. But I was still so unprepared for what I experienced! 

When you arrive you walk down a small path surrounded by beautiful black rocks. And, because we visited in December they were covered in snow. It was picturesque. Upon arrival they give you your wristbands that give you access to the changing rooms and lockers, and off you go! Although the changing rooms were modern and clean, I was surprised by the lack of private cubicles. There was about 5 private cubicles overall so unless you're prepared to bare all in public you may have to do some waiting! Thankfully, we were there early so this wasn't an issue for me. However, when I was leaving so were a lot of others so I had to do a bit of waiting - which was not great in a wet swimsuit!

The lagoon itself is beautiful. The water is unlike anything I've ever seen before - it isn't clear but it isn't dirty murky water. It's bright blue! The blue colour comes from the silica in the water when it reflects from the sunlight - and you can actually use a silica face mask whilst there (silica overdose)! Although there are people everywhere it doesn't seem overcrowded or rowdy; it's peaceful and serene. The mountains in the backdrop were covered in snow and the whole scene was perfect. 

However, there's only so much time you can spend in water stewing until you turn into a prune. The water temperature varies with some parts being quite cool and other reaching up to 40 degrees; and whilst your body is submerged in the warm lagoon water, your face will be freezing in the 0 degree ice cold air. There aren't many words to describe how it feels sitting in a warm pool whilst it snows, hails, and 40 mph winds circle around you! It was very surreal and downright bizarre!

To take photos you can buy 'waterproof' phone cases but I didn't bother. You can go back to your locker if you wish so I just hovered my phone above the water for a while and then took it back to the locker. I was umming and ahhing over whether to get a waterproof case but I decided not. They aren't properly waterproof so you'd have to hover your phone anyway and they're likely to be way overpriced! But most people probably wont want to run back and forth.


1. Take multiple towels!! I took one because I knew they'd charge for extra but I hung it outside and it was soon blown off the hook. Before I knew it my towel was soaking and I had no way of getting another. Well I suppose I could have asked... but I didn't.

2. Explore the area! I do regret not exploring the outside area more. Although it was way too cold to walk around the pool area I'm sure that there were parts we missed. Also, by the entrance to the lagoon there are trails you can walk along. We walked along part but then had to catch a bus back to Reykjavik and I'm sure we would have found more beautiful spots if we'd kept going.

3. Get a dressing gown! I totally regret not buying or taking one. As I saw people sitting snuggly warm in their gowns and I froze with just my towel all I felt was envy!

4. Take hair products. Before you enter the pool they require you to shower using their shower gel and leave conditioner in your hair. The conditioner is more for your own protection as the water drys out your hair. But I didn't take any shampoo with me so when I exited the pool my hair was disgusting! 

5. Enter via the inside pool. When you enter there is a small pool inside, and to the left a door that connects to the outside pool. Although it is part of the experience running through the freezing air to the pool this trick is a life saver! Once I realised it was there it was my go-to exit and entrance to the pool! 

6. Use the free silica face masks! This mask is included in the price and are available once you've entered the pool, they're in big tubs around one of the huts to use as and when you please. It's a really nice touch that makes you feel even more like you're in an outside spa resort! You can purchase an algae face mask to use after the silica one but I stuck to the free stuff!

Although I wasn't a fan of the crazy weather and the weird way you were both hot and cold at the same time - the Blue Lagoon is a MUST for anyone travelling to Iceland!


  1. I've always wanted to go here, it looks and sounds amazing.

    Great picture!


  2. Wow, this looks like heaven on earth!!!!
    really want to go.. like right now.
    xx finja |

  3. Would absolutely love to go here, just looks amazing! I would be terrified to take my phone in though in case I dropped it in! xx

    Tamz |

  4. I'm so happy to finally read someone's personal views on the blue lagoon! It's been on my bucket list for years and years so I cannot wait to save up and go! Your photos are gorgeous and yours tips are so helpful - I'll definitely remember these when I eventually get to go!



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