The Gilmore Girls Revival

27 November 2016

I used to watch Gilmore Girls years ago after school. When I saw it on Netflix around August I thought, why not watch it again? I thought I hadn't really seen much of it, just here and there when it was on TV, but watching it back made me realise how much I had actually seen! Then I found out that they were making four new episodes!

I finished watching the Gilmore Girls Revival around an hour ago and it's already KILLING ME not talking about it! I NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK TO ABOUT IT! I don't want to post on Twitter because I tried so hard to avoid spoilers when I hadn't seen it all, it was painful. So, I thought I'd post here what I thought. 


  • Firstly, I'm SO HAPPY that pretty much all the original cast came back. It made it feel so authentic. A lot the time when old shows are re-visited half of the case drop out and it's always disappointing. But not this! It was so great to see the whole cast again, like coming home!
  • How is Paul Anka still alive? I love Paul Anka, but I mean, how old is that dog now? About 20??? However, PAUL ANKA DRESSED AS LUKE WAS LITERALLY THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SHOW!! HE EVEN HAD A TINY NOTE PAD!!!!! 
  • LUKE AND LORELAI ARE STILL A THING!!! We all waited so long for them to get together (well, I did) and then when they did they were just up and down. I'm so happy that they actually made it work. And finallllllly they got married! 
  • RORY. Where do I even begin??? Firstly, I thought she would have learnt her lesson about cheating after the whole Dean fiasco! So, why is she Logan's other woman? How has she found herself in this situation AGAIN? Obviously she isn't completely to blame. I don't understand why Logan doesn't break it off with his fiancĂ©? I mean we don't know how long he and Rory have been seeing each other but I assume it's a while. We all know that they're meant to be! So why is he marrying somebody else? I feel like Rory's just chasing after something that will never happen.. Logan will clearly stay with his fiancĂ© and Rory clearly isn't happy being his bit on the side. So why is she???????
  • Rory's boyfriend Paul. I'm sorry... but what exactly was the point of this storyline? Was it supposed to be funny? Because it wasn't particularly. And honestly it just made me think less of a lot of characters; the fact that they'd all met him countless times but still had no idea who he was? Rude! And RORY.. his supposed GIRLFRIEND kept forgetting him??? WHAT? It was just so pointless and, quite frankly, a waste of good time. 
  • The thirty something club. How creepy was this! But, not as creepy as the thirty something club's parent's club! SO WEIRD! Also, Rory was quite rude to them too. Rory's got rude in her old age!
  • EMILY GILMORE. Obviously, I knew Richard would be gone. But it's so sad. I've always liked Emily and felt a certain empathy for her. To see her so heartbroken is heartbreaking. But it was so nice to see a different side to her. Grieving and then getting over her grief. I like that she moved on and changed. And I LOVE her relationship with her new maid! The fact that she's finally found one she likes and let her move in with her whole family! It's so heartwarming! I feel like Emily's found her own little family almost.
  • THE STARS HOLLOW MUSICAL. What even was this??????????????? And why wasn't Kirk the star of the show?
  • Paris Geller is, was, and always will be golden. I was upset that her and Doyle broke up but we can't expect all characters to be happy ever after. SO surprised she had kids, not surprised that they prefer the nanny! Paris was Paris.
  • Lorelai's hike. When the going gets tough... Lorelai runs away! Honestly, I've never really liked Lorelai all too much because I find her too immature and ... . .. . I don't know what it is exactly, I just can't relate to her really. But I have mixed feelings about the hike. Because I don't like that she thought she can just run away from her problems. But then in another way, I love that she does do this because it shows her strength and strong willed nature - Lorelai will do whatever Lorelai wants to do! And in the end, it did help her find herself and give her the answers she needed. Which is why Luke let her go.
  • The hilltop moment when Lorelai calls Emily. This was probably my favourite scene. I know Emily wasn't the best mother but god-knows Lorelai wasn't the best daughter! I just love when they bond and actually share fond family moments! SO MANY FEELS!
  • Rory's job at the Stars Hollow Gazette. We could all see this coming.. Rory needs a job and a purpose.. the local paper's closing.. whatever will happen! It's nice of her to take this on but what's going to happen when she goes back to New York or London or wherever. AND it's unpaid! Something better will come along and Rory will ditch the paper!
  • The giant painting of Richard. LOL. But why does Lorelai have to ruin it and make Emily feel even worse? She made a mistake, LEAVE IT! STOP PICKING ON EMILY WHILST SHE'S GRIEVING!! Just let her have her big painting!
  • Rory's book... I'm glad that she found her calling, and that Jess helped her. Jess always knew what was best for Rory. At first, I was really annoyed at Lorelai for dismissing Rory's book but it is her life. And if she doesn't want it written down then she doesn't, so, why should Rory betray that? Rory's spent her whole like getting her own way, especially when it comes to Lorelai, so maybe it's good that she said no for once.
  • Jess & Rory... it's clear that Jess will always have feelings for Rory but also realises how badly he treated her in the past so doesn't try to start anything up again. Part of me wants them to be together but I'm also mostly team Logan. He's clearly not a part of her life anymore really.
  • Lane and Zack are still together! I love this and I love that they all hate that Zack has his boring job because they know they're meant to be famous rockers! But I also love that he does it to support Lane and the kids. SO CUTE!
  • Where was Sookie???? I know she appeared at the end but come on. She and Lorelai open The Dragonfly together and then Sookie moves to a farm! SOOKIE WHYYYYY!?
  • Michel trying to be good with kids. lol. I relate so much to Michel. I am English Michel. 
  • THE END. HOLY MOLY. I did NOT see that one coming! It's obviously Logan's baby, OMG OR THE WOOKIEE'S? Oh God, I hope it isn't the wookiee's. What a horrible way to end.

Honestly, although it was really nice seeing all the old characters back together these four episodes were mostly disappointing. Not because things didn't go how I wanted. But because nothing notable really happened. 10 years on and nothings changed? Except Sookie moving away. 

How did you feel about it?????

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