MAC Lipstick Collection

2 October 2016

You wont find many girls in the beauty world who don't like MAC. Especially their lipsticks. Now, I'm not going to pretend like I have an extensive collection like a lot of girls out there, but I probably have a lot more than others! I only have 9 in total but 2 are the same (Velvet Teddy obviously).

I LOVE these lipsticks. They're my go-tos on an everyday basis. I've used Viva Glam II and Velvet Teddy so much there's barely anything left of them! The creamy formula applies so well and they're long lasting. I especially love the mattes, I've tried others and they're never quite as matte. Who wants a matte that isn't matte?

The price ranges from around £15 - £17 so they aren't cheap. However, they're SO MUCH better quality than drugstore lipsticks so they're worth spending a little extra on.

Above swatches from top to bottom:
Leading Lady Red
Evening Rendezvous
Velvet Teddy
Pink Plaid
Viva Glam II
Only You
Royal Ball

My favourite shades are usually the pinky nudes but I get sucked in by the limited edition packaging! So I have a few colours that I rarely use! But pretttttty!

I'd definitely recommend MAC lipsticks if you're looking to splurge a little!

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