30 Things You Should do this Autumn

28 September 2016

SUMMER IS FINALLY OVER!! The bugs. The heat. The sun. It's all gone. Finally. Summer is probably my least favourite season. I hate being too warm, you're all sticky and sweaty and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. There are bugs everywhere. It's horrible. So I have a strong appreciation for the changing leaves and drop in temperature. 

1. Buy jumpers! As the Starks would say: 'Winter is Coming'
2. Make hot chocolate with all the trimmings (marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate flake)
3. Read a good book snuggled under your fluffiest blanket
4. Go to a Halloween festival
5. Play in crunchy leaves
6. Go pumpkin picking, and then carve one
7. Start your Christmas shopping
8. Burn the 'Candy Corn' Yankee Candle
9. Wear your softest socks
10. Bake a cake. Or a pie. Or bread. Or cookies.
11. Paint your nails an autumnal colour
12. Go to a bonfire
13. Play with sparklers
14. Go conker picking
15. Wear all your favourite red lipsticks
16. Spend a day watching your favourite Netflix shows
17. Buy all the Halloween themed sweets
18. Wrap up in a new scarf and woolly hat
19. Buy some cute ankle boots
20. Go to the cinema to see The Girl on the Train
21. Pick a Halloween costume
22. Eat soup
23. Make a beef stew
24. Go to a theme park before they close for Winter
25. Snuggle up with a hot water bottle
26. Watch fireworks on bonfire night
27. Get a pumpkin spice latte
28. Make a Christmas list
29. Go to a country pub for lunch
30. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas - It's not yet Christmas or Halloween so, as Hannah Montana would say, it's the best of both worlds

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