September Wish List

13 September 2016

Everyone has a wish list. If you don't, what are you doing? I literally spend half my life wanting things I can't afford. Currently, here's what's on my wishlist (from the top left, clockwise): 

FRENDS Taylor Rose Gold Blossom Headphone - Seriously, LOOK AT THESE! They're amazing. Who wouldn't want them?

Copper Wire Recipe Stand - I've been collecting items for my bottom drawer, and I think every bottom drawer would need this!

Adidas Superstar Pink White Snake - I've been eyeing up superstars for a while now, and these are the PERFECT colour! 

ASOS Sheer Cactus Ankle Socks - Ok, so these aren't the most practical socks, but how cute are they? Very!

ASOS Disney Princess Tee and Short Set - Disney. Princess. Pyjamas. Need I say more?

Glass Cat Face Mug - Glass mugs are awesome. Is it a glass? Is it a mug? Who knows.

GHDs Marine Allure or Electric Pink - I've been eyeing the Marine Allure's for a while. But then I saw the Electirc Pink! They're amazing AND when you buy them £10 gets donated to Breast Cancer Research


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