Are Kylie Lipkits Worth the Hype?

18 September 2016

 (Left to Right: King K, Heir, Candy K, Dolce K, Exposed)

When Kylie Jenner bought out her Lipkits I knew I had to have one (or 10)! 99% of the time I wear matte lipstick so the liquid mattes sounded perfect. When they originally came out they were near impossible to get hold of as they would sell out so quickly. So as soon as I actually got on the website when it was live I bought whatever I could! 

My Order History: 

1) On my first order only two available were Kourt K and Dolce K. Kourt K really wasn't a colour I liked the look of so I ordered 2 Dolce K - one for me and one for my sister (she wanted Candy K but it sold out whilst IN the basket...). It was quite a stressful time as everything sells out so quickly you don't have time to think before you act!

2) Next I was able to get Candy K and King K - I wanted Heir but, alas, it sold out! King K for myself (a panic buy) and Candy K for my sister. I actually went on to buy Heir, I was online as soon as it went live but sold out straight away! 

3) I then ordered Exposed and Heir. Finally it was in stock! I felt like Joey in Friends when he got the call from Toys R Us to tell him his Cabbage Patch Kid was in stock! I was so excited about these two as I really wanted both shades. The excitement was short lived when I had to pay £13 customs. 

4) The Birthday Edition Mini Mattes (Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen, and Leo). It literally took me about 7 attempts to get these. I was online the second they went up everytime and they just kept selling out whilst in my basket. When they were released a few weeks laters I FINALLY managed to get my hands on them! Again, I had to pay the dreaded custom fee!

Living in England means I had to pay the horrible postage fee of $16. With my first two orders this wasn't too bad as the order was for myself and my sister so postage was halved, and we didn't have to pay the customs fee! Unfortunately, this didn't last long as I had to pay around £13 customs on my last two orders. BOO! BOO THE ROYAL MAIL! 

(Left to Right: Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen, and Leo)

Kylie Lipkit Review: 

When I first received Dolce K I LOVED it! It was the perfect matte and lasted all day without a second application. I loved how matte it was, I find that some 'matte' lipsticks really aren't very matte at all and you can't get much more matte than these lipkits! (must stop saying 'matte'!!)

When I then got Exposed I didn't love it as much. I found it a little patchy and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get off. I literally had to scrub my lips to get it off. Looking back, I think this is partly due to the lip-liner technique that I used after watching Kylie's tutorial. She put the liner all over her lips and then used the liquid matte. For me, the product stayed on longer, looked less patchy, and was easier to get off not doing this. Actually, I prefer not to use a lipliner at all. Since ditching this technique I've found that I'm loving them again!

Honestly, I don't really like the metals that I have. I've used them a few times but the colours aren't really everyday shades. They obviously aren't really matte and don't dry properly so I find that they wear off quite quickly.

As far as price goes I personally don't think they're overpriced. They're $29 for both the liquid lipstick and the lipliner (around £22). When you compare this to Mac liquid lipstick which is £21 alone and a further £13 for a lipliner... the Kylie Lipkits are relatively priced. However, when buying anything, products are only really worth what you're willing to pay. If you think they're overpriced, maybe they are too expensive and not for you. 

Also, the packaging is so cute! They come in a box with a card that has a little note from Kylie on one side plus the LipKit logo on the other. The boxes the kits come in also have the logo on with the color of the kit on the lips. The lipkits themselves are well designed, however, the inconsistency of each one is a little... sloppy. Some have thicker writing than others and some have marks on so this was a little disappointing. Overall though the packaging is great.

They also smell like marshmallows. You will want to eat them.

Recommendations When Ordering from the UK: 

Firstly, expect to pay customs. You don't always get charged but at least if you expect to pay and then you do get charged there won't be any surprise, and if you don't then it's a nice surprise that you've saved money (maybe money to buy another lipkit)!

Save up to order more than one. Postage is so much that if you intend to buy more than one it will work out cheaper in the long run. Obviously, this isn't feasible for everybody - but after I've bought so many here and there it would have been a lot cheaper if I'd waited to get them all at once! 

Wait until special offers are on. Kylie currently has $5 postage which is a major bargain considering it's usually $16. I'd hazard a guess to say this will be a fairly frequent occurrence so wait for times like these!

If you know somebody else who plans to order one - order together! It will save you money on postage and customs if you have to pay it.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: Long Lasting, Cute Packaging, Sweet Scent, Very Pigmented, True Matte, Price, Quick Drying
Cons: Drying, Difficult to Remove, Availability, Shipping Price, Can't see/test the colours in person before buying

Would I buy more? YES!
The next shade I'd like is Maliboo. I'd also like a full sized Koko K and Posie K

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