Birthday Wish List

9 January 2017

I wasn't going to do a January wish list because after Christmas I thought we'd all be present-ed out! But with my Birthday just around the corner I seem to find myself browsing the internet and wanting more and more! Who am I kidding, there's always something I want!

I definitely won't get half of what's on this list but a girl can dream! I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes because I realised I don't actually have any. Well I have a few cheaper ones but nothing great. AND I've never owned a beauty blender, but if I do, I want this baby pink one!! I know what you're thinking: what am I doing with my life?! WHO AM I?

Also can we talk about the most perfect Pandora charm on the planet! It's beautiful. Unfortunately I never wear my bracelet anymore so I probably won't get this but I had to include it!

from top left clockwise...


  1. I have the sweet peach palette and I absolutely love it! It's definitely well worth the purchase!

    xx Heather |

  2. The Michael Kors bag is so cute! Such a pretty colour XX

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa


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