Christmas Wrapping

22 December 2016

I really love wrapping presents, it's one of my favourite parts of Christmas. This year, I wrapped half of mine so early that I've pretty much forgotten what I've got everyone! 

I wanted to go a little more neutral and simple with my wrapping this year. I was going to get some brown paper from the post office when I stumbled upon this gold paper from WHSmith. It's amazing because it looks just like brown paper but it has a nice shimmer that gives it something a little extra. I then got a set of string and tags from good ol' Wilkos, and some white sparkly bells from Sainsbury's. Just when you thought my wrapping couldn't get any better I found these funky stickers in TK Maxx. My presents look so good this year, I don't think they've ever looked half this good!

TOP TIP: If the item you have to wrap is a weird shape put it in a cardboard box. This makes everything look 1000 times better and is also so much easier to wrap! Also, if it means people are less likely to guess what you got them! 

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  1. I adore! 😍 It's the little things that count aswell. They are really pretty presents and pretty straight forward aswell! 🎁💖

    Gemma |


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