Exploring Mykonos Town

3 September 2016

Last September I visited the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. And let me tell you: it's no joke how it's known as The Island of the Winds! If I could give you only one tip when visiting: take a hair bobble! I think I spent a good majority of the holiday trying to see through my hair and holding onto my skirt - not a classy look!

Getting lost in Mykonos Town - literally - was so much fun. The cobbled streets and whitewash buildings are all so beautiful that it makes getting lost an adventure. Every corner you turn is another nook and cranny that you haven't seen before. You could spend hours, days, weeks wandering around and still find new streets when you thought you'd explored them all.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Mykonos is the five windmills. Early morning you can go inside to the top of one of them but my lazy self is not getting up before 8am on holiday! They are a must see though. To get to the windmills you can go through Little Venice - this place is crazy! All the bars and restaurants line the edge of land and the sea pours over tables and chairs! I'd take one the seats further back if available! When walking down here I was so terrified of falling in - there's no hand railings and you're trying to dodge the waves whilst walking along these slippery cobbles right at the edge of the sea! It's insane!


We stayed in a beautiful little hotel called Porto Mykonos, right in the centre of Mykonos Town it was the perfect location. It was just a few minutes walk from all shops, restaurant, and bars and had the most amazing sea view! The rooms were a little cosy but, really, who needs a huge room when going away? How much time do you actually spend in there? If you're thinking a lot then you to get out there and explore! 

The hotel was SO peaceful - the perfect place to take in the view and relax. And the views were incredible! You can see across the harbour to all the local bars, the beautiful Aegean Sea, as well as other islands. If you're looking for a peaceful spot to watch the sunset - or rise - this is definitely it! 


If you're not a fan of seafood or pasta then you may struggle to find places to eat in Mykonos. But who doesn't love pasta? Any excuse to eat pasta every day, am I right?! 

One of my favourite places for pasta was Niko's Taverna - the tables line the cobbled streets so if you're not accustomed to wobbling tables this may not be the place for you. I had the most amazing Pasta Napoleon here so wobbly tables are easy to look past when the food is so good. Even so, this is all part of the charm! We even saw the local pelican walking by whilst we were eating here - and,yes there's a local pelican! 

Obviously, I found a Mexican restaurant. I have a nose like a bloodhound - but for Mexican food! Honestly, even if you're not a lover of Mexican food Appaloosa is a great place for a change of scenery. All other restaurants have fairly similar menus so this place really stands out. 

If you're looking for cocktails - which everybody is - then you have to try Katerina's. It's located in Little Venice and if you're lucky you can get a seat on the tiny balcony to sip cocktails and look out onto the sea! 

When on holiday you HAVE to leave room for ice cream - it's just the law. And the BEST place for ice cream in Mykonos Town is Gelarte. I don't think I have ever or will ever have ice cream as amazing as this again! They have sooo many flavours - Nutella being my favourite obviously - and sooo many toppings. It's like being in heaven!

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