5 Reasons I Don't Reach for the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette

24 April 2017

Now I know this review is late to the game - and it's probably worse since I ordered the Royal Peach palette the day it was released. It was actually a Birthday present; I'd asked for three palettes for my Birthday but this was the one I was most excited for. I'd been after a Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette for a while and I actually decided to order this over the Burgundy Palette. Oh, hindsight. I was so ready to get testing the palette and write a post about how great it was. I'd never even considered that it might be... bad. 

For my Birthday I actually got three eyeshadow palettes (before this I owned a total of 0): Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, and Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette. This will probably not come as much of a surprise but the Kylie Cosmetics palette was the worst by far. I'd heard such good reviews of the other Kylie palettes that I thought this was a sure bet. Since getting it February I've barely reached for it because the other two are so much better!

So, I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you why I think this palette is so bad: 

1. The lack of pigmentation. This is probably the most disappointing point because the one thing everybody wants from a good palette is for the colours to be pigmented. Especially for the price tag. Some of the shimmer colours may as well not even be there because they only pick up tiny specks of glitter.

2. The colours. Individually they are all so pretty, and when I see the palette it looks so beautiful. But when you take a step back you realise that all the colours are actually very similar (aside from the bright blue) which makes it difficult to create a look without using another palette! And realistically, how often are you going to reach for a bright blue eyeshadow?

3. The brush. I actually got the palette at the same time as Kylie's brush collection and let me tell you; the quality of the palette brush compared to the brush set is horrendous. The set is such good quality and I use them all the time. The palette brush - I've had better brushes free in a magazine. If you're not going to provide a good quality brush in the palette I'd rather save £5 and not have a brush included at all.

4. The smell. It's horrible and chemically. Why would you want to put something on your face that smells like chemicals? Why does it smell so bad? Apparently it's actually the packaging which makes me feel slightly better. I've heard if you air it out the smell goes but I don't expect to be airing out a $45 palette to get rid of the smell.

5. The packaging. Firstly, the aesthetics are nowhere near as nice as her previous palettes. And can she just stop using cardboard? I didn't pay £40 for cheap cardboard. I don't care if it does come with a mirror!  

It's actually making me quite sad to write this review. I'm such a big fan of Kylie's Lipkits and I've heard such good things of her other palettes. I think 2017 has seen Kylie release a lot of rushed products; her highlighters and blushers both look cheap. Remember Kylie: quality over quantity!

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  1. I've not got this palette though I've heard a lot of hype around all her stuff. I really like the colours in this palette, I would use all them regularly apart from the blue, that seems random. For $45 it's seriously disappointing that the pigmentation isn't great and the lack of sparkle! Also, if the packaging smells that bad what on earth is in it? And what is it doing to the product?


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