Creme Egg Rocky Road

22 February 2017

Despite it only being February I decided to have a go at an Easter themed recipe, I mean, the creme eggs are in shops so it must be ok. Every year at Easter I see the most amazing chocolatey creations. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a self-confessed chocoholic, so Easter is basically my favourite time of year. There's nothing better than a Cadbury's Easter Egg! 

I love making rocky road because it's quick, easy, and tasty! There are also so many variations of ingredients that you can add or take away to put your own spin on it. But it doesn't get much better than this Easter themed one!

Here's what you'll need:

200g Milk Chocolate 
180g Dark Chocolate
150g Unsalted Butter
250g Cookies
100g Mini Marshmallows
1 x Pack of Mini Eggs
1 x Pack of Mini Creme Eggs
3 x Creme Eggs
4tbsp Golden Syrup 
Icing Sugar 

Glass Bowl
Brownie Tin
Baking Paper

Step 1. Simmer a saucepan of water and place a glass bowl over - keep this on a very low heat. Melt all of the chocolate, butter, and golden syrup in the bowl. Keep this on a low heat else the chocolate will burn and turn lumpy (although this usually isn't the end of the world for this recipe)

Step 2. Whilst the chocolate is melting smash up the cookies to small pieces so that they can later be mixed in with the chocolate. Line the brownie tray with the baking paper

Step 3. Once the chocolate has cooled mix in the marshmallows, cookies, mini Creme Eggs and some of the Mini Eggs. Make sure they're all mixed in well and covered in chocolate!

Step 4. Once everything is mixed together it can be poured in the brownie tin

Step 5. Cut the Creme Eggs in half and decorate the top. Also decorate with Mini Eggs and some mini marshmallows (if you haven't eaten them all at this point)

Step 6. Place in the fridge to cool - this will take a couple of hours

Step 7. After the mixture is set sieve some icing sugar over the top!

Step 8. AKA the best step! Cut up into pieces and enjoy (or just eat it in one giant block if that's your style)!

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  1. This looks lush!!! I think i'l give it a go with my two year old. She loves to get messy xfjx


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