10 Thoughts We All Have Playing The Sims!

22 January 2017

Ah, The Sims. I've spent countless hours hooked on creating them, their houses, and building their lives. At 23 I'm still as addicted as I was 10 years ago when we first got The Sims 2. A lot has changed moving from The Sims 2, 3, to 4, but I still have the same thoughts every time I play... 

1. Ok. I'll create a Sim, that wont take long! *5 hours later*

2. HOUSE TIME! I am obviously an interior designer so this house will be incredible. Oh, 20,000 Simoleons... maybe not, or maybe I should Motherlode? NO, I will not cheat! Or maybe just a little... #kaching

3. Work time, first day at the new job so better not be late... C'MON WHY IS IT TAKING YOU SO LONG TO WALK FROM THE BATHROOM TO THE CARPOOL??? 

4. Did I say you could do that? DO NOT DISOBEY ME I AM YOUR GOD!

5. You can't be tired AGAIN, you have things to do and skills to learn! That promotion isn't going to get itself! Get painting!

6. Maybe it's time to settle down and have kids? But who should I marry? Nobody wants ugly children, maybe I should create a husband *the next day married & pregnant* Wow what a mistake, so not ready to be tied down with a kid... TWINS????

7. A Nanny will be a good idea.. wait why isn't she feeding the kids? Why are Social Services calling ME? I'm at work, I can't control the Nanny! Stop watching TV and feed my children!


9. So DONE with this family, they've caused me nothing but trouble! Wait, no, don't die. I LOVE YOU. BB NO

10. fler be gur nooba harmy mars sheeba glarch


  1. Haha this is so true. I love the sims

  2. Haha, this made my giggle, so true :)

  3. I literally laughed out loud, this is so relatable �� X

  4. I love The Sims so much. I remember many summer holidays spent just playing the sims with my best friend. I've got Sims 3 on my external hard drive and I like to bribe myself with it occasionally and say "if you finish this assignment, you can play the Sims for an hour." Who am I kidding? I'm gonna get halfway through it and reward myself with 5 hours!


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