November Wish List

1 November 2016

WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT! One day I will be rich enough to afford everything on my wish list!

from top left clockwise

Mermaid Blanket - Is this blanket goals, or is this blanket goals? 

ASOS Cross Body Cat Bag - This is literally the cutest bag I've ever seen. I need it.

NARS Claudia - Honestly, this is probably a little too pink for me and I doubt I'd often wear it. But it's called Claudia so how could I not want it?

ASOS Pom Pom Socks - There is nothing I enjoy more than fluffy cosy socks. Except fluffy cosy socks with pom poms on! These are definitely one for the Christmas list!

Topshop Super Soft Glitter Tights - OMG! These are amazing. They take me back to being 8 years old. Pretty sure I need these for this years Christmas party!

Sequin Dinosaur Denim Skirt - I've literally been waiting for this my entire life. It's incredible. Sequin. Dinosaurs. SEQUIN DINOSAURS!!!! I've died and gone to heaven

LUSH Santasaurus Bubble Bar - I don't care that I don't have a bath, I will find a bath just to use this

MINI Bulldog - When I bought my car last year I knew I needed this bulldog sitting inside. I still don't have one, it will not leave my wish list until I do! How perfect would it look sitting on the parcel shelf?

Cath Kidston x Disney Pyjamas - If I could justify spending £50 on pyjamas then I'd be sitting in these right now. Unfortunately, I don't have that kinda money. But if anyone would like to donate so I could buy these then you're more than welcome..

The Christmasaurus - Tom Fletcher's latest book hits the shelves just in time for Christmas. A book about a Christmas dinosaur, it sounds perfect. A must read!

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