20 November 2016

Let's be real here. Because although I always ask for make-up or jewellery for Christmas, the things that actually make up the majority of my presents are probably related to TV or movies. They're such easy things to buy people as most people love one movie or another, and you can probably get something cool that relates to that! You can guarantee that half of my presents will be Harry Potter related in one way or another! So I thought I would share so cool things you could get fellow film and TV lovers!

from top left clockwise on the first picture

These aren't released until November 29th. But they're so cool! The Buzz Lightyear ones are my favourite! A necessity for any Toy Story fan (which is everybody, of course)

A little pricey, but if you know a wine lover who is also addicted to Game of Thrones then these would make the perfect gift! 

Probably not the easiest mug to drink from, but definitely one of the best!

This is only the coolest keyring you could give any Lord of the Rings fan!

Know any Star Wars fans that also like woolly hats? Or fluffy slippers? Well, you're in luck! Because these Yoda style hat and slippers ss awesome!

These little guys are all the hype lately, and I can see why. I have a quite a few myself (obviously all from the Harry Potter range) but they have SO many to choose from! You're more than likely to find one for the shows you love!

These are a definite must for any Friends fan! The bottoms remind me of series 1 or 2 Rachel, and who wouldn't want to look like Rachel Green?

This has a pretty steep price tag, but on the scale of awesomeness it tops it! The inside even has prints of the dalmatians. I think I need this!

Probably not the most instagram-able calendar, but who doesn't love The Nightmare Before Christmas?!

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