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27 August 2016

A while ago I signed up to BzzAgent - a product testing site, you have to fill out questionnaires about yourself and when a campaign that fits your interest  comes up you can opt in to it or not. When they emailed me about L'oreal Clay Face Masks I couldn't opt in quick enough!

So, when I received the face masks in the mail I was so excited! Each one comes in a small glass pot with a metallic green lid - not like the cheap 99p masks I used to get that came in a foil packet! They aren't the cheapest products - retailing around £8 - but you get A LOT of product in each one, so it's completely worth it.

Detox Mask (black) - This was my personal favourite. It's designed to draw out impurities and deep cleanse pores to leave you skin silky smooth. And let me tell you, it works! My skin was super soft after using this and it really helped to draw out any impurities.

Purity Mask (Green) - I think this one, even though not my personal favourite, could possibly do wonders for my skin! Combined with eucalyptus which is known for having purifying properties it helps to draw out any impurities whilst leaving you skin matte and oil free. I have super oily skin so if I give this another try it could soon swoop into first place as my favourite!

Glow Mask (Orange) - Personally, this is my least favourite, purely because it's the only exfoliating of the three. It's designed to exfoliate and tone the skin's surface. If you're in to exfoliating products then I'm sure this will be the mask for you. I, however, am not really an exfoliating mask kinda girl. So this has gone to the bottom of the pile for me!

The weirdest part is taking the masks off. I was a little disappointed to find that they didn't dry on my face so that I could peel them off like a second skin! Instead you just use warm water to remove them. This is easier said than done! I found that they didn't just wash off because they had solidified slightly whilst wearing so when you add water they turn back to liquid. But not just like a face wash that will wash away with a couple of sprays of water! I'd recommend using a face towel - preferably one that isn't a favourite incase they stain!

Overall, I'd DEFINITELY recommend these! A perfect treat if you're looking for a relaxing pamper session!

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